Hi, my name is Sam. As a new grad, I remember endlessly search through job boards – I didn’t want to miss out on one that could potentially be the perfect fit. So I typed in my keywords and went through the grind of combing through each one: check out the JOB TITLE, check if I recognize the COMPANY NAME, skim through the JOB DESCRIPTION, gauge the LOCATION.

OK – several of them seems interesting so I either bookmarked them or pasted them into a word or excel sheet.

Next page, next page, next page…Repeat this for what seems like a million times and … then I did it again for another set of keywords.

Before I knew it, I was 3 hours into it…just searching for jobs, without having applied to any one. And I only have an messy, unorganized list of job titles and url link.

There has to be a better way. So I made a script to automate the ‘searching’ aspect to return a list of all the job posting for my given search keywords. With job listings in an organized spreadsheet format, I could literally breeze through hundreds of job postings to see which ones piqued my interest. And write notes and highlight which ones I applied to.

I also saved the spreadsheet on my phone so I could browsing during the commute or during down time.

That’s right – No more endlessly clicking that NEXT button to see more job postings.

Now, gainfully employed using this method, I’m happy to share it and hopefully help make the job searching a little easier (and more efficient).

Questions and Support: simplejoblist@gmail.com